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Oktho-K Lenses Gave Joey A New Vision!

Written by The J Babies — Product Review To be frank, I’ve never heard of Ortho-K lenses until it was introduced to me. You would think that as a mum to a little girl who suffered from serious myopia since the age of four should know better, right? Thankfully, I do now. In fact, it is not exaggerated to say... View Article

Get your kids off Spectacles!

Written by Ed Unloaded — Wearing spectacles can be really troublesome! Myopia has been a problem for our family, as Nicole’s degrees has doubled in the last 9 months. From 150 degrees to 375 degrees, we are worried that her myopia will get worse in the days to come. Spectacles has been an added nuisance, as she need to take... View Article

Caring for Our Eyes with AeroV

Written by My Lilbookworm — They say, “eyes are windows to our souls”. Would you agree? For ladies, we could line our eyes, use mascara, cut a double eyelid, put on gorgeous eye shadow, wear tinted contact lenses or even tattoo a semi-permanent eyeliner, extend our eye lashes. But what about guys? How do they enhance their eyes? Notice all... View Article